Medicare Cost Reports

Cost Report Preparation

Although many consulting groups offer cost report preparation, our in-depth understanding of procedure coding and reimbursement rules and regulations allows us to prepare the cost report in a cost-efficient manner that effectively and legitimately ensures that you receive that payment you are due.  



  • Hands-on knowledge of the issues facing the small rural hospital.
  • Assurance that costs will be properly recorded in the appropriate departments.
  • Management reports (including a prior year comparison), which analyze the cost report and identify specific operational issues that can be improved.
  • An hourly rate, capped at the package rate, for those hospitals that prefer to prepare all or some of the cost report work papers. Our package rate is competitive at $6,500 for a core cost report package including hospital and swing bed components and Medicare and Medicaid filing if so required by your state. There are additional fees charged for additional components such as as separate nursing facility Medicaid report and rural health clinics.
  • No hidden charges: Many companies bill separately for copying the work papers for the hospital or auditors. We believe the work papers belong to the hospital; therefore, we provide them at no charge. We typically recommend that HMC retain the hard copy of the work papers so we can promptly respond to any questions from the Intermediary; however, we will forward them to you at your request, for no additional cost. A diskette of the work papers is provided to you as part of the package.
  • An experienced, senior consultant performs cost report preparation: Many firms use entry-level positions to prepare the cost report with a manager reviewing the final report. We believe that this is not cost efficient and does not result in the best product for the hospital. The person filing your report will have extensive experience in cost report preparation.
  • An on-site visit is included for no additional cost other than reasonable travel expenses, if requested by the facility

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